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How to Keep Gadgets Clean and Durable

How to Keep Gadgets Clean and Durable
Gadgets have become items that cannot be separated from our daily lives. Gadgets allow us to connect with other people, access information, and find entertainment. However, even though technology continues to advance, gadgets remain vulnerable to damage and dirt. Therefore, gadget maintenance is very important so that the gadget remains clean and durable.


How to Keep Gadgets Clean and Durable

1. Wash Hands Before Using Gadgets

Washing hands before using gadgets is very important to keep gadgets clean. Our hands are exposed to many bacteria and germs that can stick to gadgets. Bacteria and germs can cause various types of diseases if they enter our bodies. Therefore, make sure to wash your hands before using gadgets, especially before eating or gathering with other people.

2. Be diligent in cleaning gadgets from dust and dirt

Keeping gadgets clean from dust and dirt is very important. Dust and dirt can cause damage to the gadget's components, such as the battery and charging port. Dust and dirt that accumulate on the screen can also interfere with the screen display and reduce image quality.

To clean the gadget from dust and dirt, you can use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Don't use water when cleaning the screen and make sure the gadget is off. Avoid using harsh cleaning products because these products can damage the protective coating on the gadget.

3. Keep Gadgets in a Safe and Dry Place

Storing gadgets in a safe and dry place is very important to maintain the gadget's durability. Make sure the gadget is not exposed to direct sunlight or liquids that can damage the gadget.

Keep gadgets in the best cases to protect gadgets from bumps or falls. Also avoid putting gadgets in a bag along with sharp items such as keys or scissors. This can cause the gadget screen to be scratched or damaged.

4. Avoid Using Gadgets in Wet or Humid Conditions

The use of gadgets in wet or humid conditions can damage the gadget. Liquid can enter the gadget and cause damage to the gadget components. In addition, the use of gadgets in wet or humid conditions can pose an electrical hazard for gadget users.

Make sure the gadget is dry before using it. Avoid using gadgets in the rain or near water. Always make sure your hands and the gadget are dry before using the gadget.

5. Be careful when using gadgets in public places

When using gadgets in public places, such as restaurants or trains, make sure to always hold the gadget tightly and protect it from theft. Avoid giving access to gadgets to people you don't know. Make sure the gadget is always near you and don't just leave it in a public place.

6. Keep the room temperature so that the gadget doesn't overheat

Room temperature that is too hot can cause the gadget to overheat and damage the gadget components. Put the gadget in a bright and well-lit place to prevent the gadget from overheating. Also make sure the ventilation of the gadget is maintained so that the temperature is not excessive.

7. Use Protective Case to Prevent Physical Damage

A protective case is very important to protect your gadget from physical damage due to being dropped, punctured or crushed. Choose a protective case that is strong and according to the type of your gadget. Make sure the protective case can protect the gadget from bumps and falls, especially in vulnerable areas such as the corners and edges of the gadget.

8. Turn off Gadgets When Not in Use to Save Battery

Saving battery is one way to keep gadgets durable. Make sure to turn off gadgets when you are not using them or when you sleep at night. Avoid using gadgets for a long time so that your gadget's battery doesn't run out quickly. Also make sure to recharge your battery on time so that your battery is always awake and doesn't run out quickly.

9. Limit Time to Use Gadgets So It Doesn't Take Too Long

Using gadgets for too long can damage eye health and trigger sleep disturbances in users. Limit the time you use gadgets so that they don't exceed 2 hours a day. Always make sure the distance between the eyes and the gadget screen is far enough so as not to cause eye fatigue or glare.

To reduce the negative impact of using gadgets on eye health, it's a good idea to follow the "20-20-20" rule. That is, every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet or more away for 20 seconds. This aims to reduce pressure on the eyes and adjust the focus of vision.

10. Update Your Gadget's Operating System Regularly

Update your gadget's operating system regularly to maintain your gadget's performance. Update the operating system to the latest version from the manufacturer. This will help optimize gadget performance and reduce the possibility of bugs or security weaknesses that can be exploited by irresponsible parties.

Also update the apps you use frequently. Make sure the application you use is always updated with the latest version to make it more stable and secure. Remember, an application that is not updated can be a weak point for the security of your gadget.

To update, make sure you connect your gadget to a safe and secure internet network so that it is not infiltrated or attacked by irresponsible parties.

11. Avoid hitting the gadget with heavy objects or piles of objects

Hitting the gadget with heavy objects or placing it in the middle of a pile of objects can damage your gadget. Make sure the gadget is placed in a flat and safe place to avoid shocks that can cause damage.

12. Do not expose the gadget to water or other liquids

Water or other liquids can damage your gadget even in small amounts. Make sure your gadget is always protected from contact with water or other liquids. Don't use it near liquid places, such as swimming pools or bathrooms, and also make sure not to take the gadget with you when it's raining heavily.

If your gadget is exposed to water or other liquids, immediately turn off the gadget and take it to a service area for repair. Don't try to fix it yourself because doing so can worsen your gadget's condition.

13. Don't Store Gadgets at Too High or Too Low Temperatures

Temperatures that are too high or too low can affect the performance and lifespan of your gadget. Make sure your gadget is not stored at too high or too low temperatures. Keep the gadget at the ideal temperature, which is between 0-35 degrees Celsius.

14. Avoid Forcing Gadgets to Work Beyond Their Limits

Gadgets have certain limitations of abilities. Forcing your gadget to work beyond its limits can result in damage to the gadget. Also pay attention to the internal and external memory on your gadget. Don't force your gadget to store more files than its capacity.

Make sure that your gadget is able to accommodate files and applications with the appropriate capacity, so it doesn't burden your gadget's performance. Also avoid using applications made by third parties whose security cannot be accounted for.

15. Keep Gadgets in a Safe Place and Not Exposed to Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can damage your gadget and cause permanent damage to internal components. Make sure your gadget is stored in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Store your gadget in a safe and dry place to avoid various risks such as theft, accidents or other damage.

Gadgets are very valuable items in our daily lives, therefore we must take good care of our gadgets so that they are durable and can be used for a long time. By applying the tips above, your gadget will always be maintained and durable.


By applying the method above regularly, you can keep your gadget clean and durable. Gadgets are expensive items, so be sure to take good care of them so that your gadgets last and function properly for a long time.
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